Why study in Australia?

Why not?! Australia is currently the third most popular country, behind the United States and the UK, for international students choosing a destination where to study. With globally recognised courses and institutions, spectacular scenery and great weather, Australia welcomed over half a million students from overseas in 2016 alone. It is easy to see why:

  • Multiculturalism – Over 25% of Australians are born overseas. With more than 200 languages spoken here, it is by nature open to receive international people
  • Laidback lifestyle – “No worries mate!” meaning ‘Don’t worry about that, it’s all fine’ is considered the national motto. Nothing is too much of a deal and you will rarely find an Aussie stressed
  • Breath taking landscapes – From Uluru in the Red Centre of Australia to crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reef along the Coast, the country certainly does not fall short of magnificent selfie-worth sights!
  • Environment and Living standards – Australia ranks in the top 20 list of safest countries to live in. It also enjoys having Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne in the “The Most Liveable Cities Index”, with the latter having come out as number one several years in a row
  • High quality education and support – Australia is devoted to maintaining its reputation in the education sector and ensuring students, both domestic and international, receive the services and support they need to successfully complete their studies. Regulatory systems such as the AQF and the ESOS Act are in place to look after and protect the rights of students