Perks of studying medicine in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA and a harsh reality

Most of our parents or our relatives have, at some point of time, encouraged us to dream of becoming doctors when we grow up. This obsession with medicine (or engineering) comes with the perception of these professions being high-paying and ‘secured’ and respectable.
But there is a gap in the rising demand for a degree in Medicine and related fields and the number of candidates who actually get into the Top Medical Colleges in India. However, in such cases, STUDYING ABROAD is an option too. But study where?

“..only about 16 per cent of Indian students who acquire medical degrees abroad are deemed fit to practice medicine in India.”

This is where the question of making a well-informed choice comes. Undoubtedly, almost all the countries in the world do offer degrees in medicine. But before flying off to a foreign land to fulfill the dream of being a doctor, one must consider a few important facts.

One such factor is where the students finally wish to settle once they acquire the MBBS or equivalent degree abroad.

“ practice medicine in India, one must register with the State Medical Council.”

The above factor must be considered because even if students acquire their medical degree abroad, if they wish to practice medicine in India, they must register with the State Medical Council. But registration is done solely on the basis of the candidate’s performance in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) which is conducted by the National Board of Examinations.

As per a latest report by FACTLY.IN, only about 16 per cent of Indian students who acquire medical degrees abroad made it through the FMGE and were deemed fit to practice medicine in India. This according to them is largely because of the alleged poor standards of medical education in a few countries. Unfortunately, students are still reported to go off to these countries, mostly because they are lured by lower fees and ‘guaranteed seat’.

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